“I like your bow tie.” -Hillary Clinton or Why I fainted about 6 times this weekend.

This really happened.

One of my worthygoods bow ties was thisclose to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and Jeff Kirlin wearing a worthygoods bow tie, Scarborough Maine October 2014

And she liked it. Enough to say so. Out loud.

“I like your bow tie.”

Screenshot 2014-10-25 10.12.26

*faints* … *recovers*

This happened just about every time I caught sight of that first photo, folks. Thanks to Jeff Kirlin of The Thing of the Moment event photography for sharply sporting his worthygoods tie at the Mike Michaud rally on Friday. And thank you to Captured Moments photography sisters Lori and Rebecca Krupke for gifting Jeff a worthygoods tie! Talk about Maine’s 2 degrees of separation, I’m a wholehearted believer.

Want one of those bow ties? Find one here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/worthygoods?section_id=14409388&ref=shopsection_leftnav_3


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