So nice to see you at the Annual IAA Labor Day Fair in Bar Harbor.

It was such a nice day.

Thanks for coming out!IAA Labor Day Fair in Bar Harbor Maine 2014Kirsten of Anabelfuzz and I (worthygoods) were sharing a booth and having fun at the Annual IAA Labor Day Fair on Bar Harbor’s Village Green, yesterday. And if you’re in town this Friday, we’ll both be at the First Friday Art Walk. I’ll be bringing ALL OF THE BOW TIES to the Village Emporium on Cottage St. And Kirsten’s Anabelfuzz goods will be featured at Spruce & Gussy on Mt Desert St, Bar Harbor. Come, it’ll be fun! For now, here are some shots of our goods under the tent. But, first up is my (very favorite) newest item by Anabelfuzz, the mason jar cozy mug holder. 

mason jar mug holder and cap by anabelfuzz

You know you want one.

Kirsten Hardy of Anabelfuzz, Bar Harbor, MaineAnabelfuzz's fabric cuffsworthygoods The County winter hatsworthygoods winter mini fingerless mitts worthygoods flat cap hatworthygoods booth at Bar Harbor MaineAnabelfuzz wool felt embroidered earringsAnablefuzz be green washcloth sets2014-08-29 21.48.422014-08-29 21.48.052014-08-29 21.45.292014-08-29 21.17.15

Hope to see you in person, soon. But until then, please stop by our Etsy shops for an online visit, worthygoods & Anablefuzz.




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