Stay shady and beat summer heat with an Over the Top broad brim sun hat | DIY Sewing Pattern Project Tutorial

At the beach this summer? Knee-deep in your garden?

Or in a hammock with your nose in a book?

This hat is perfect for all three.

worthygoods over the top farm market stripe Kelly 3If I was contemplating jumping in the Atlantic in July, I’d pause for a moment, too. { it does look refreshing but YIKES } And maybe I’d just go back to beach combing for sea glass if I thought about it for too long. But either way, in an Over the Top sunhat by worthygoods, you’re covered. Sew one up today and wear it all summer. It’s reversible and has a great shape-able brim that curves up or straightens out depending on the level of shade you’d like or hiding-from-the-paparazzi you need to do.

glam summer sun hat sewing pattern diy project by worthygoods @ Etsy.comAside from avoiding that miserable sunscreen-in-your-eyes experience. { YES } Years from now the skin on your face will thank you. What? They can’t believe your 40? 50? 60? 70? 80? Ladies, you’re just smart about staying shady.

Find the sewing pattern here!




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