Crushing on / Annual Trek to Carnaval de Québec | Part Deux

Basse-Ville, Caribou, award-winning poutine, Hotel de Glace & booty-shakin’.

The history! La mode! Les bon moments!

The inevitable fall into Franglais. Je suis désolé, folks. Mouse over the pics for the inside scoop and click on pics for the details. Miss the first 1/2 of the tour? Find our start here.

So steep! 1/2 floors can be found between 'down' the alleywaysTo the left of the boardwalk are several sets of (steep!) steps that head down to the lower village or Basse-Ville. Below the ramparts of ‘Upper Town’ the swoon-worthy architecture of Vieux Quebec continues, much of it constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries with a solid look of ‘fortification’. Thick stone walls, elegant wrought iron window cages, sturdy wooden shutters on wrought iron hinges. (not the plastic jobbies we’ve gotten used to slapping on our vinyl siding, folks) Brilliant enamel painted doors and shutters contrast with the stone walls and brick walkways. Historically a merchant center, tucked in all these historic doorways you’ll find gorgeous modern Canadian and European fashions with classic Québecois-style furs. (ps I fell in love with a Québécois-made $350 white lynx fur aviator hat at Artisans Canada, maybe next year. Ahem.)

historically a merchant center, the bustling Basse-Ville is festively decorated from Christmas through Carnaval de QuébecVieux Quebec Basse-Ville 17th century architecture complete with wooden shutters, wrought iron window plates and stone wallshandsome tailored menswear boutique in Basse-Ville I found some texting glove liners dans le Basse-Ville, while Jesse found he already had some.

Pop quiz!

Who invented Caribou?

Chez Ti-Pére, the birthplace of Québec's signature fortified wine drink, caribou. And who's recipe was it? His grandmother's, of course.Ti-Pére’s grandmother, that’s who. Chez Ti-Pére is right in the thick of Basse-Ville. Just the steam from a shot of his meme’s Caribou (spiced mulled wine, whiskey and maple syrup) will take the chill off. But as rugged as it is, it’s got to be a good sight better than the hot-caribou-blood-and-whiskey version the hunters and loggers were drinking in Colonial times, eh?

Québec, open this back up so I can eat here, ok?

Ou est la poutine?

Back in ‘Upper-Town’ at les Trois Garçons, people. In spades.

Highly recommended for their elegant combination of modern and rustic elements. Rich flavor profiles are built into classic comfort dishes like poutine, burgers and french onion soup. Come for the food, enjoy the atmosphere, but linger with the beer and friendly service. Les Trois Garçons‘ poutine had been entered in this years ‘best of Carnaval’ contest, and we’ll all be surprised if it didn’t win.

frenched onions on caramelized onions on cheese curds on fries in a rich gravy with a touch of cloves. Found at les Trois Garçons on rue St Jean, Quebec

take a card and make a reservation at les Trois Garçons when you're in town

Hotel de Glace | the Ice Hotel

I’m chilly just thinking about it.

my favorite winter cocktail, found at the Ice Hotel in Quebec, l'Accident de Snow Mobile

This l’Accident de Snow Mobile will take the edge off the chill and put a smile on your face. Promise. The ice bar at Hotel de Glace serves up some swanky concoctions in their signature ice ‘glass’.  But before heading to the bar, we took a tour of the ice slide, hotel rooms, chapel (yes, you crazy kids. you can get married here) and discotheque.

ice slide entrance with a Frozen, Disney theme in this roomThis cutie meets you inside the door, at the bottom of the ice slide, but just behind him...climb up this ice monster's back to get to the slide!chill on the carved ice furniture throughout the hotelheading down the hallways to the hotel roomsan elaborately carved room with a fireplacethis bed was placed in the center of the room, a sun made entirely of 6-8 foot ice 'rays'Disney's Reign de Neige or Snow Queen inspired this room, don't miss the ice fireplace on the rightanother chilly hallway with carved archesthink you could sleep with these guys looking on?apologies to the person paying $495 for 1/2 of this bed at the ice hotel tonightBack to the discotheque! More our forté, chandelier, how many pounds does that baby weigh?!"I wonder how much that thing weighs?" Let's stand directly underneath it. no one explained to me why they have refrigerators at this bar... ice columns at the barblood dripping off the fir branch... Oh I know, you get it already!Cheers!

Oh my way out, I made a friend at the gift shop…raccoon hat (complete with tail) at the Hotel de Glace gift shop

And so we said “Salut!” to Carnaval de Québec with a yummy brunch at l’Omlette. Per request, other great dining spots are: Le D’Orsay (we ate here twice, killer duck confit, but more importantly for us, one of the few that serve food late night), Pub St Patrick (amazing interior, head downstairs for some serious 17th century grotto stone cave-like rooms, live music and the best french onion soup), le Cochon Dingue (yummy, fresh breakfast and brunch).

Jesse, moi and my brother, Leigh

Here’s to Carnaval de Québec 2015!

Want to check out the first 1/2 of our 2 day trip, go here. And 2013’s trip, where I introduce Bonhomme to le snow skirt, here.


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