Crushing on / Annual trek to Carnaval de Québec | Winter Carnaval 2014

Let’s just start with this.

It’s safe to say that Québec and I agree with one another.

I love Québec

I’ve never been one of those wailing-and-whining-and-gnashing-of-teeth types that get all whingy once February hits Maine.

I like the cold. I like the snow.

Combine those sturdy qualities with several years of junior high and high school French {Franglais/Frenglish, people, t’s a thing} with a heavy crush on 18th century architecture. Well, you have a desperate longing for travel to Carnaval de Québec. Come January, I’m anxiously awaiting it weeks in advance. (What all that really means is making sure that my camera backup batteries are charged and I have a decent pair of boots and coat to wear. Check. Check. And, check.) Since I’ve just freshly returned and have Québécois ringing in my ears, I’m so tempted to drop into full-on Franglais. But, pas maintenant.

Maintenant, I’m going to share some of my Winter Carnival glory with you folks.

You can thank me plus tard.

Be sure to mouse over the photos for the inside scoop and click for the super-size.

Notre-Dame de Québec altarQuebec Notre-Dame 350 year Jubilee 2.14Quebec Chateau Frontenac boardwalk sax 2.14Quebec St Lawrence ferry 2.14on the boardwalk...Quebec Chateau Frontenac Boardwalk Toboggan 2.14Brave soul that stops the toboggans at the bottom, Chateau Frontenac Boardwalk Québec Winter Carnival ice toboggan on the boardwalk in front of the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, QuebecQuebec ice toboggan 2.141900118_10152002120449891_1838466614_nview from the top of the ice toboggan at Quebec's Chateau Frontenac's boardwalk on the St Lawrenceear flaps a flying on the toboggan run!

And really, that was just the first hour. Our hotel, Hotel St Anne was right near both the Notre-Dame de Québec basilica, the oldest parish in North America, and the boardwalk, just in front of the Chateau Frontenac. That ice toboggan run? It’s the most fun you can have with a toonie, promise. We vowed to take it 3x daily while we were there. {Speed freaks.}

Next up, Plaines d’Abraham.

Where most of the Carnaval de Québec action is, and a little Bonhomme effigy is your passport.

You’ll spot him on our coats, if you look. My favorite part? The international ice sculpture contest. Go Yukon!

making friends with the locals on plaines d'abraham carnaval de Québecplaines d'abraham Carnaval de Québec Bonhomme cane & hornAn excellent description of Caribou, the official drink of Carnival. hot tubbin'Bonhomme effigies from years pastFlags of countries participating in Québec's Winter Carnival Snow Sculpture contest2.14 Quebec place d'abraham Yukon, Canada's snow sculpture model 2.14 Quebec place d'abraham Yukon's snow sculpture description Yukon's snow sculpture in progress 2014Place d'Abraham's ferris wheel and hockey rinkBonhomme's ice palace

I love the snow sculptures, teams from all over the globe are sculpting day and night to make these giant, temporary works of art. They use masonry tools, chainsaws and drills to create intricate shapes and textures. And Bonhomme’s palace? Another work of art put together in under 2 weeks by less than 10 people. When you consider that each block of ice weighs 60 lbs, and Bonhomme’s bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom are all fully represented. Pretty impressive! And fun to dance at in the dark.

What’s next?

Award winning poutine, Hotel de Glace, discotheque and the Basse-Ville…

psst! that’s Lower Town for you non-Franglais

Wait for it…

Or, while your waiting, check out last year’s snow skirt I made for the trip!


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