First day of all. the. things. | Ch ch ch ch changes. Welcoming fall.

It’s been a big week of firsts.

*blink blink*


First graduation.

Me and my Kids’ Corner graduate.

PreK graduation, a quick pose with mom

First lost tooth.

With a matching one lost from Miss C the day after.

9.1.2013 Porter and Charlotte with matching missing first lost teeth

First day of school, folks.

Don’t worry, I’m fine. *sniff*

9.3.2013 First Day of School 1

First day of school. For real. Mr P started kindergarten on Tuesday. He was so excited for “ride-the-bus-day”.  And with our good friend Miss C right across the street to ride the bus with, the adjustment has been a breeze.

9.3.2013 First Day of School 3


I’ve been busy in the studio.

worthygoods acorn pin wood pink navy 1worthygoods sari silk banglesworthygoods gum ball drop 6worthygoods earring gum oval collage stripworthygoods fuzzy hair elastics bobbies collage stripworthygoods vintage button stud collage stripworthygoods fuzzy acorn collage stripworthygoods fuzzy stud collage stripworthygoods acorn pin collage stripworthygoods acorn ornament collage stripworthygoods felt bezelworthygoods wood acorn ear collage strip


You can find all these fall accessories in the shop.




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