The Washi Dress Pattern by Made by RAE | Happy Mother’s Day to me

I had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend.

See how I just did that?

I stretched  a day-long holiday {that in all reality should be a month} into a whole weekend. Mostly so I could sew myself a Washi.

made by rae washi dress photo

I love love love love this dress I made.

Washi Dress Mothers Day 2013

Of course, I couldn’t go totally by the book. I had to put the neatly covered bias tape seams on the outside. And then add the same tape accent at the waist. That bright yellow makes it WORK, folks. I lengthened it by 1 1/2″ and the next one might be closer to 2 1/2″ to get it to hit at that perfect at-the-knee calf-flatterning length. That is what is so great about the Washi, you can make it your own. Tunic? Dress? Shorter? Longer? 3/4 sleeves? No sleeves? Bust adjustment? Yep, all these are covered.

While I did spend the bulk of my time taping and cutting and taping and cutting…

It was time well spent.

mothers day 2013 washi dress pattern

I was so excited about the finished dress I broke rules and put a poorly lit selfie onto the intewebs. {I’ve got one hand in my pocket and the other one is trying to manage an iPhone}

Mothers day 2013 washi dress selfie

I tell you, it is so comfortable I wanted to wear this little lovely to bed. And am planning on sewing up a voile version for just that purpose. The comfort factor is found in the gently stretchy shirring at the back.

Washi Dress Mothers Day 2013 back

Here’s the reason I got this whole weekend to spend on myself…

mothers day 2013 washi dress Alden Porter

Even if I didn’t get my own day to turn into a weekend, they’d be worth it and then some.

Get your washi dress sewing pattern pdf here.

Then add your finished dress/tunic/ to the gallery.

Did you make one? Tell me about it.


I'm tickled to hear from you.

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