Quick Project: Hang tags from shrink plastic | Shrinky dink your business card to a painful level of cute.

Why is it that tiny = cute?

99% of the time, it’s true.

diy product tags with shrinky dink plastic at worthygoods

Quite possibly the cutest little product hang tags ever, eh?

No, I’m not Canadian, but Maine is close enough. Eh?

This is what happened when we began playing around with shrink plastic. It started out as an Easter project. Then got totally waylaid when I discovered that, with some sanding, this stuff could be sent through the ink-jet printer. About 8 minutes later, I had the {someone find another word for cute, would you?} most freakishly adorable little business card style hang tags ever to grace my eyeballs.

Want to make some?

Here’s how:

diy product hang tags  using shrink plastic

You’ll need:

Shrink film
Fine grit sandpaper
ink jet printer
hole punch
scissors/rotary cutter & self-healing mat
cardboard, cookie-sheet sized
toaster/oven preheated to 350 degrees

Find yourself some shrink plastic film, or shrinky-dinks for grown-ups. Rough up the surface with fine-grit sand paper and put it sanded-side-down in your printer tray. Then print out your design. This Avery template worked like gangbusters for me. Enter in your info and print.

diy product hang tags with shrink plastic

Punch holes where you’d like them. Then, cut them into individual tags with your scissors or rotary cutter. Lay these out on the cardboard, a bit apart from one another and pop them into the oven.

diy hang tags

Set the timer to 3 minutes and turn on the oven light. You’re going to want to watch this shrinky-drama unfold. The first time, at least. When they are finally flat, take them out and let them cool.

little plastic business card hang tags with shrink plastic

And they will be cool.

Or at the very least, wicked cute.

wg blog diy product hang tags 5


If you make these, could you tell me about it? It was so fun. And SO QUICK.



21 thoughts on “Quick Project: Hang tags from shrink plastic | Shrinky dink your business card to a painful level of cute.

  1. So so cute and such a fantastic idea for promoting your business! I am currently teaching some tutorials at a craft shop here in Cyprus and was looking for ideas on the net…came across your blog and thought…so easy and so effective!!! Must make!!!! Just love them! Is there a chance you can give me some more ideas as to what I could show to my classes?

  2. Thank you! I’m happy to offer up some more ideas, just email me at dory_14ksmith @ msn.com with a little more about your focus, class demographics and craft areas that appeal to you. :-)

  3. How would i make something like this?
    I tried comparing it to what you were saying in your post, but with the shrinking part, i wouldn’t be able to get it at the wright size i need it to be which is “2.5” X “2.5”. Can you help me, please?

  4. Those are really cool! You could totally make these. First do a little research on the percentage your shrink film shrinks up. Cut a 1×1″ square and shrink it according to the directions, then measure it and determine the % ‘shrunk’. Once you know how much it shrinks, it will be easier to determine how big to cut the film shapes.

  5. I tried doing this and the ink kept bleeding everywhere! I tried a sanded and non sanded version but they both bled (sanded one bled a lot).
    I wonder what I did wrong..

  6. I wonder if I can use the shrink dink frosted plastic sheets (ruff n’ ready)? I believe they’re already sanded. Or do I need to sand it some more? Anyone tried that before?

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  10. I love this idea! My problem seems to be in keeping the rectangle shape. Mine seem to get wonky, or shrink up in a totally irregular way. I have also noticed that I get bubbles on the shiny side… ideas? Thanks for the article and any advice you could give!

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