Just in: Organic Trick Sun Hats for the littles | Ukulele’s, starbursts & sunset stripes with a 50’s vibe.

I know we just celebrated the first day of spring,

but I’ve got my eye on summer.

Trick Sun Hat, organic and reversible by worthygoods on Etsy.com

My cutting service, talented in all things precision, has just served up a slew of bright Trick Sun Hats for the stitching. Mellow yellow, turquoise, orange and bright white are all saying, “SUMMER”.

So loud, I caught it over the roar of the sewing machine.

Can you hear them, too?

trick sun hat in birch organic fabric Circa 50 by worthygoods on Etsy.comcome on summer!worthygoods trick sun hat ukulele organic 1worthygoods trick sun hat organic sunset stripe gingham 4sun hat trio by worthygoods on Etsy.com You can find these sunhats at the shop.

The sun?

Maybe April…


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