Something different for spring | But first, let’s give this hat a name…

I’ve been toying with this idea

for awhile, now.

something new

This little hat has been percolating since last summer. Sometimes things have to sit a bit. But when I found that little mushroom fabric it all came together in a snap. She’s got a couple of tricks, of course. This bonny hat is reversible but not only that, adjustable, too. I’m tickled with that part. Looks like she’d fit a little noggin from 6 months on up to 2T. I’ll have to wait to try her on Jam Baby. You know, sometime when it’s not snowing.

see that tie? adjustable.a flip of the brimthen flip it inside out!


You know what she needs?

A name.

Can you help me out? Since this little gal’s kind of sun-haty and a little bit bonnet-y but still grows with the little one who’s sporting her, well, I’m stuck on a name. But I’m betting you can give me a little inspiration, here.

Can’t you?

I’d love it.


6 thoughts on “Something different for spring | But first, let’s give this hat a name…

  1. hmmmm….thinking…thinking….no name yet, but I did have the thought that I with the right fabric I would put this on a baby boy, too! (their noggins need protecting, too!)

    ooops…another thought…is there a Jam Baby Bonnet name being used yet?

  2. Aaaah! Love it. Jam Baby Bonnet. Could we really have a name right off the bat like that? I’m thinking it’s a good bet.

    And, yeah… This could work for a boy, too. Your wheels are on fire, Paula. Oh, and uh, that’s a compliment. ;-)

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