Introducing Le Bonhomme to Le Snow Skirt | Winter Carnaval, Quebec QC

Le Bonhomme? Le Snow Skirt?

Let me explain.

First. Let me just say this: Quebec city during Carnaval is wicked fun. However, the winds coming up off the St. Lawrence are wicked cold. Face burning, eye-tearing, nose freezing, wind-blistering cold. So, if you want to HAVE All OF LES BONS MOMENTS you must BRING ALL THE GEAR. I’m talking, pack a little carry-on suitcase for your clothes and then another full-sized check-on for your gear. You will thank me.

carnaval, Quebec City, QC Canada, Le Chateau Frontenac

And a little close-up so you can see how cold it is:

can't. feel. face.

What, you don’t have all the gear?

Well, make some.

I’m a skirt-wearing kinda gal, regardless of the season. Cold or no cold. So, I knew I was going to have to whip myself up a snow skirt to survive our Quebecois weekend. The day we left I managed to arm-wrestle a thrifted, tired-out parka into a velcro-wrap snow skirt. I love it. 

Le Bonhomme was impressed.

Or at least surprised, he wasn’t quite sure what to say.

But I took his wide-eyed grin as a compliment.


And when you hit the Bonhomme’s Palace ice discotheque in your snow skirt, you still feel a bit ‘cute’ despite the 40 lbs of puffy warm gear. And get a serious grin when the dj starts spinning Thrift Shop. (bobs head)

Ice Castle at Plaines Abraham, Carnaval Quebec

 More Carnaval fun coming up in the next post:

Toboggan ice luge on the Chateau Frontenac boardwalk, my Russian dolls and le Hotel de Glace. Yup, that’s Ice Hotel in french, folks.

Wait for it…


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