My Little Woodland Gnome | A not sew scary Halloween costume for the toddler


You’ll scare him…

They’re quick, those toddler gnomes! But isn’t this one all kinds of cute? I like to think so, he’s mine after all. I whipped up this costume pretty much the day of Halloween, folks. ‘Cause that’s how this mommy rolls. So if you’re thinking you’d like to give it a go for your little, here are some tips:

Here is a template for the hat and beard and this tunic pattern was super quick to whip up, too. Then all you need are some cozy tights, chunky belt and some gnome-worthy footwear. Fortunately, ours were all thrifted at the best little shop in town.

But once you’ve got your own tiny gnome running around, it’s important to know some basic details about those wily little dwarves:

And then they’re off! Trick or treating with daddy, that is. Oh, and if you mess up the first hat like I did? Just use it as a candy bag.

Isn’t handmade the best?

Or in this case, the cutest?


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