Upta’ Umcolcus | A Family Vacation Deep in the Northern Maine Woods

Umcol-what? Where?


Apparently you can get there from here.

Take 95 North, Sherman Exit 264, drive 50 miles, left on Oxbow road for 7 miles and finally left on the dirt Smith Brook Road for 6 miles. You are now in the North Maine Woods, Penobscot County’s T8-R6. Welcome to Umcolcus.

I know, it looks fancy. But it’s not. {Ahem.} 

What it is, is a wild, rustic and remote spot for a getaway. Perfect for a group that can handle being in close proximity to one another without internet, texting, phone, electricity and oh, running water. {Except for the bathhouse, hot water, towels, gas lights- something that feels akin to total luxury after as little as 12 hours.} That might be a tall order for most folks, but we can hang. After driving from various nooks and crannies of this great big state, we all stopped, relaxed and had a wicked good time.

What did we do?

Met some cousins and learned how to play checkers. King me!

A rotating meal schedule kept us well fed and busy, lugging water and washing dishes.

And when the rain slowed to a drizzle, we took a weaving canoe cruise along the quickwater.

I’ll admit to trying to snag a free ride. In hindsight, given the choice, always choose the kayak.

Jam Baby stayed behind with Grampy Scott.

Having a great time.

The rain didn’t keep us cooped up!

Without clocks, naps were an important way to mark the time between lunch and dinner.

And without technology, we resorted to challenging ourselves in new ways. With kindling. Kudos to the most level-headed of us all that weekend. *wink wink*

You know who you are.

Get to know the lovely folks who are the heart and soul behind Umcolcus, Al & Audrey Currier. Once you get there, Umcolcus is truly a treat you’ll want to savor again. We surely do!


3 thoughts on “Upta’ Umcolcus | A Family Vacation Deep in the Northern Maine Woods

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  2. Great images again! We are still hitting the 100 degree mark in the greater Sacramento region, so it was nice to take a quick cool off just looking at your wonderful post!

  3. Thank you! Things are really beginning to cool off here, 40’s at night and 70’s during the day. Perfect September weather, almost apple-picking time. I’ll be envious come February when we’re in de depths of our winter chill.

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