The Plan to Purge | What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home: Pro Tips

Considering your own Destuff?

Here’s what NOT to do.

5 simple don’t’s that are arguably way more helpful than a list of How To’s. Via Neatnik

1. Don’t spend money on organizers till post-destuff. No fancy storage bins until you know just what you’ll be putting in them and where they’ll be going. So far, I’ve been emptying out enough through donations and trash to keep up with what we need. Win! When I do end up buying an organizer, it will be just the thing, for just that space.

2. Don’t reserve an entire day, destuff in small chunks of time. Do you have a lot of free time to spend on this kind of thing? Neither do I. But I can part with 2-3 hour chunks here and there. Energy and efficiency both stay high and I’m not yet sick of my Spotify at the three-hour mark. All good things.

3. Don’t start your destuff only to leave it half-done. Choose an area that you can reasonably complete in a few hours. Then strip it, purge it, clean it and organize it.   But don’t stop there: put the donate bags in the car, take out the trash, find a new home for what’s staying but just doesn’t belong in this particular destuff space. Tie up those loose ends, folks. If you don’t, you’ll end up like I have in the past; with an entire spare room dedicated to destuff purgatory. Please, learn from my mistake. You’ll thank me later.

4. Don’t think you’re done. You’ve created this sparkly, streamlined system, {I know, YAY!} but it needs constant maintenance. Fortunately, the maintenance is much simpler and more straightforward than before. My old system was a lot like “Oh, I’ll remember that I put this here.” And if that phrase gave you hives, it’s likely you don’t need to read this anyway.

5. Don’t expect perfection, expect success. Your space will end up looking like a cleaner, leaner version of itself, not like Martha’s personnel team invaded and gave you a free makeover. You gave you a free makeover. That’s awesome. Pat yourself on the back. Besides, who really wants to invite Martha into the nethers of their closet? *shivers*

Read more about it here. via Neatnik and Apartment Therapy

Read more about my 30 Day Destuff.


3 thoughts on “The Plan to Purge | What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home: Pro Tips

  1. Thanks so much The Mad Minx & Neaten Your Nest. Since I’m in the thick of this home destuff, it resonated from top to bottom.

    And that whole Martha in my closet thing? *alternating hot and cold sweats*

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