The Plan to Purge | Home Office Destuff – and sea glass… lots of sea glass

I’m getting skilled at paring down the book nooks.

Keep pile, donate box. Clean, reassemble.

A nice, soft intro to the home office portion of the destuff. The office, or my desk, however was something else. Unedited piles of receipts, sketches, notes, pictures, invoices, to do lists {with the inevitable ‘3 hours of destuff’} and whatnot. Normally, this kind of job is too much to tackle in limited ‘cleaning’ time; laundry, kitchen and bathrooms always win in that match.

But with a dedicated 3 hours of destuff? Well, BRING IT, DESK.

Piles? Wrangled. Cords? Playing nicely with the usb sticks. A visible pen and scrap paper? Brilliant! Couple these with a caffeinated beverage and the To Do list will get checked off in no time, folks.

An inspiring little dish of braggy sea glass beachcombed at camp.

And speaking of sea glass.

I might have gotten a little over-organizery, here.

This took longer than anticipated. Much longer. But after all the mind-knumbing sorting was through. I am left with this view:

This makes my brain happy. And completely worth the time spent.

These blueberry crates are coming in handy. Two stacked make a sweet printer stand and hideaway for the cord den. And isn’t Martha handsome? She’s my favorite. Just don’t tell the couch.

Toys in the office? Heck yes! Better there than the attic.


Might be time to wrap this one up.

Read more about my 30 Day Home Destuff | Plan to Purge.

2 thoughts on “The Plan to Purge | Home Office Destuff – and sea glass… lots of sea glass

  1. I’m loving the crates, too. Especially since they are from Cherryfield Maine. Not to far from heah, deah. It’s funny, I didn’t think I had *anything* to work with for furniture and display, but the more I pare out, the more the things I love take stage.

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