The Plan to Purge | Martha’s Past Revealed

This Martha doesn’t talk, really.

But she just divulged a few secrets.

I know. She doesn’t look like she’d say much, shut tight and neat as a pin there in the corner. But my Martha Washington had a few family tidbits hidden away.

There I was, diligently destuffing my way through the ‘office’ wall of my living room. First the bookcase: empty, destuff, clean, organize. Next the desk: empty, destuff, file ungainly pile of receipts, clean, reassemble. Onto the sewing cabinet: empty, discover a note with my name on it… Full stop.

Well. The destuff stopped right there, folks.

Dory - this box contains just what
I happened to have in the drawers
of this sewing case. If you are not
interested in them, you can discard
them - My "button jar" is not a recent one -
just a collection.
Love you!
Enjoy the Martha Washington!
<3 Gram

Let’s just say that my Gram and I go way back. We’ve managed to stay pretty tight over these 38 years, a mutual admiration society of sorts. So when I found that little secret note, it was like she was right. here. But then I discovered the gift of a pristine doily hand crocheted by her mom, my Great Grammie Velma. Well, with the three of us ladies in the room, I got a little misty-eyed.

But there was more.

Side note: I’m sure the Lovely’s have won the name lottery. Apart from the obvious, Lovley, we’ve also got Maxine, Velma, Betty and now Sylvester? Sweet.

Just an added thought on your sewing cabinet the
former owner of it was a Cliff Lily - born in 
Portage Lake, Maine - leaving there in 1932 - 
now a retired the Intelligence Services of
the Army and living here in Burnsville. 
Small world, right?
-Betty Sylvester Lovley

So the original owner of my lovely Martha was born 25 minutes from my own hometown, 80 years ago. I’m starting to think this whole “purge” is worth it, folks.

Thank you, Gram.


Updated to correct for spelling.

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