The Plan to Purge | Closet Destuff

It’s just a tiny little room.

How long could it take?

 The closet.

It’s one of those mini-rooms that no one spends much time in. And in this case, it’s obvious. But it’s a critical space for a family. Really. If you can’t find suitable undies in the AM things are going to be bunched from the get-go. Ahem. 

 In my plan to purge I’ve dedicated 3 hours a day for 30 days on this full-on home destuff. And this wee little closet? A major purge time suck. Requiring 2.5 ‘days’ worth of my valuable time. Still, it was time well spent.

The closet, destuffed.

Now? Any number of appropriate undies and the like can be found in a snap. Not only that, but all items are clean, fit well and man, without all the clutter I rediscovered some pretty swank duds. Folks, I’m stylin’.

I’m pleased with the impromptu shelving for my shoes and scarves. Those scarves are going to come in handy (necky?) this fall, no doubt. You know, now that I can find them.

My blueberry crate belt nook gives me the most pleasing little visual. Something sorely lacking pre-destuff. I’m considering putting a few cup hooks in there near the top for jewels or what-not.

But right now, this is my favorite view.

 The numbers:

7.5 hours of closet destuff =

33 empty hangers

& 109 donation items valuing $785


And that pleasant feeling you get when you open the door? Priceless.

Thanks for your encouraging words, folks.

It’s working! (Also read: please don’t stop!)


Stop by Goodwill to tally your purged items online and build a donation receipt, as an old friend says, “even the IRS loves a good purge”. It’s a handy tool that will help you put together a donation receipt that you can use as a tax deduction. These home destuff rewards just keep on coming, don’t they?

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