The Plan to Purge | DeStuffing our Home in 30 Days

We’ve got too much.

It’s got to go.

This stuff. It’s everywhere and it’s unsettling.

For me, it’s paperwork and supplies. Purposeful piles of invoices here, orders there, receipts to the left and incoming mail in that big bowl.  Stacks of madras on that chair in the studio and the wools have outgrown their bins and boxes. While it’s a semi-functional system, it isn’t meant for the long haul.

With Mr P it’s mostly toys, but he also has a bit of a book thing and maybe his mom and dad do, too. These books are all important but never seem to get retired to their bookcase unless Momma does it.

Jam Baby, poor thing, she has already gotten a lot of ‘donations’ dropped off in her room, encroaching her closet space. Stuff she uses, wants and needs? Doubtful.

The Dad? He travels, a lot. And when he’s home he doesn’t want to take on much more than grocery shopping, a yummy supper, the laundry, dishes or an occasional lawn mowing/driveway snowblowing. I get that, but still feel as if this home up-keeping is all left up to me.

When I’m home at the end of my worthygoods and worthygoods textile workday, I can’t relax. The stuff is around, it’s on the counters, it’s in my view, it’s lurking in the closets, it’s many projects that need to be tackled, it’s several big chunks of time I almost never have. This time? Looks like I’m just going to have to take it. Take it out of my own work day, take it out of my family time, take it out like a loan that will be paid back in future free time with my family, more productive time in the studio, time I can be at ease. I hope.

So. I’ve devised a solution. I’m taking this home on. One stuffed-up room at a time, moving from one wall to the next, purging for 3 hours a day- And giving myself a month to do it. When I’m done we’ll be left with what we use, what we need and the things we love. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Today, I’m on day 4. One bathroom and our bedroom down. *check* *check* Boy does it feel good.

Our closet is next on the list.

Cheer me on, folks.

I’ll need the encouragement.


13 thoughts on “The Plan to Purge | DeStuffing our Home in 30 Days

  1. I hear ya Dory. I have found that I can get things done outside (maybe in your shop and garage) by getting up 60-90 minutes early; a time when nobody misses me. By the time they all get up I have made forward progress that makes me feel better about the day.

  2. That’s a good idea, Todd. I’ll work that into the mix when I get to the shop, easily the biggest destuff room on the list behind the kitchen/livigroom. I’ll need that extra alone time down there. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the post, too! :-)

  3. Dory!! What n inspiring task you have set for yourself. It stinks that it’s up to you (as most of these domestic things seem to be up the ladies…) but realizing it and taking it on is more than half of the battle I think! PLUS, your strutter schedule- of 3 hours day, is brilliant. these things only happen if we actually put it on the calendar and make it a huge priority.

    I can’t wait to hear and see how this goes!!

    good luck, I’m cheering you on!


  4. You know it, Kate! I’m trying to forget about the 5 plus boxes of books in the basement we’ve been carting around since college. Must focus on the task at hand. :-) Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Thanks for the cheering section, Abigail. This is a wicked undertaking for me, but it does feel good to check my 3 hours off the list and see real progress. I’ve still got my nose in the closet today, next up, the living room.

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