The Dollar Store, a Maine kind of yard sale | Crushing on Stoningtion

We kept calling it the Dollar Store.

Somehow it just seemed to fit.

While on our annual Stonington vacation, we like to go thrifting around Deer Isle. We find antique shops, impromptu yard sales, ‘home sales’ and the like. But what first caught our attention here was this colorful (read: scary) pile of junk at the side of the road with a yard sale sign. So, we pulled over folks.

And this one was er, special.

Let me give you a tour.

First, you need to know the rules: Everything to the left of the driveway is a dollar, everything to the right of the driveway is more than a dollar. And when I say everything is a dollar, I mean everything you want/can carry out is yours for. a. dollar. You found a cool ceramic coffee-drip? A dollar. A UHaul truckload of this stuff? Also a dollar.

Once you’ve been greeted by the chatty-talk-talk proprietress and given the general run-down, you might consider stepping into the tent.

Though, it’s hard not to do much more than just stand and look around (because any movement otherwise involves trying not to trip over all-of-the-things).While trying to get my bearings in the tent, I spotted a cute little dress for Jam Baby at the back. But I had to climb over a berm of cotton and synthetics to get to it. My little big brother had his own score of a wheelbarrow, matching replacement wheel, float rope and the most stylin’ wooden water skis I’ve ever seen. Also he was smart enough to avoid the tent completely.

And how do they find all of this junky-junk? They don’t. It just gets dropped off by the locals on their way to the dump, we hear. Just in case they aren’t sure where to put it, there’s a sign: 

But the best find was the screen.

All kinds of cute, huh?

Not only was it great for photo ops, once the mesh was cut out but we spread the love around with a little heart shaped screen repair with that mesh at the cottage.

We had fun junkin’, folks.

Do you?


6 thoughts on “The Dollar Store, a Maine kind of yard sale | Crushing on Stoningtion

  1. Southern Maine does have their sweet spots for thrifting. I’ve found a sweet freebie or two along the curb while out for a Sunday morning walk. The $1 thrift was new to me, though!

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