Screen repair, Smith style | Crushing on Stonington

The cottage, we love.

The mosquitoes? Not so much.

And they were getting in through some holes in the screen door. A door that just needed a bit of a band-aid. So, inspired by the star-shaped patch at Black Dinah’s on Isle au Haut, we took on a little screen repair ourselves. Smith style.

I guess we just wanted to show the cottage a little bit of the love that it shares with us each summer. We cut and patched and sewed up the holes together, Dad and I. Thinking we were just so clever. And cute. And silly.

It’s best in pairs, this kind of thing. Imagine a needlepoint hoop, only door-sized.

Thinking you might like to try?

It’s easy.


Get a bit of screen repair mesh, or cut up an old screen (not the metal kind, it just unravels and is prickly). Size up the hole you are working with and cut a heart shape that’s larger than the spot that needs repair.




Then thread your needle and get to sewing. With one of you handy repair people on either side of the screen.


So next year and the year after that, what will be there to greet us first thing? Our heart shaped handiwork.

We’re looking forward to it.



Looking for Black Dinah’s? Their chocolate is amazing and so is the tiny island they live on, Isle au Haut.



6 thoughts on “Screen repair, Smith style | Crushing on Stonington

  1. Oh yes, me too! Every year I pick up real estate listings for Deer Isle and look them over with a critical eye, as if there were some sort of potential for that reality. ;-)

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  3. THIS is perfect. How very summer in New England – my favourite thing in the world. Your camp looks quite a bit like my own :)


  4. I’m sure it’s happy to see you every year. That’s the magic of summer camps – everyone is welcome.


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