Cabin Retreat: Family playtime

Upta camp.

In true Maine fashion.

Lucky for us, we got to tag along with Daddy this weekend. His work retreat at Medomak Family Camp just down the coast in Washington, Maine, was all play for us.

There were treasures to be found. (and worn)

Gardens to be snacked on and sniffed.

Cows to be met and more gardens to be appreciated. “Hello, Miss ‘Perry’. Thank you!”

Porches to be rocked.

New friends to meet.

And when nap time rolled around, everyone was ready to rest and recharge.

Momma did some sewing, and then we were off again.

Riding ‘our’ bike.

Having a swim.

Then having a sit.


All that fun is exhausting.

And we can’t wait to do it again.

Would you like to explore Medomak Family Camp? Take a few minutes and see all they have to offer. I think it would be a lovely place for a big family destination wedding or reunion. Their Fiber Arts Retreat certainly looks tempting!



3 thoughts on “Cabin Retreat: Family playtime

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