Playtime in the studio | Fedora rain hat in Dew Drop & Static Yellow

It’s not just another rain hat.

It’s a fedora. And you know how I feel about those.

Made to look dashing while your small person is romping and stomping in the puddles.

Gotta stay bright even when the sun’s on holiday, am I right?

Unlike the last fedora, my son is quite taken with this hat. I’m always extra pleased when I get that little guy’s stamp of approval. He is one half of my target market, after all!

A light cotton laminate designed by Tula Pink for her Prince Charming line, this is Dew Drop in Storm.

And the underside of the brim is a wink of school-bus-yellow raindrops, organic Static in Yellow from Michelle Brummer-Everett’s line Monstarz for Cloud9 Fabrics. This is one of my first unlined hats and I’m having fun with the bias tape, can you tell? I’m seriously considering adding it to my lineup in the shop. What do you think? Updated: find that new rain fedora here.

Another rain hat?

No, another sunny weekend. You’re welcome.

Find that fun yellow fabric in my fabric shop. More about Michelle Brummer-Evrett, designer of Monstarz here. Get the skinny on Cloud9 Fabrics here .

2 thoughts on “Playtime in the studio | Fedora rain hat in Dew Drop & Static Yellow

  1. I’ll bet some grown ups would go for that, too.
    Gotta love rain when you have the perfect hat.

  2. You know, you’re right. I just whipped up a couple of new hats that I posted on worthygoods Facebook page and one is a grown-up rain hat for the ladies, but perhaps the guys could handle something fun on a rainy day, too?

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