The Fedora | The New Style and the beginnings of a soundtrack

And on the cool check in
Center stage on the mic
And we’re puttin’ it on wax

It’s the new style

I’ve been jamming this week.

And in between the orders and the rest, a fedora was born.

It all requires a soundtrack and the Beasties are the perfect opener. High energy and sporty, something to jam in with your Adidas. Not just any style, this fedora lends a little something (swagger?) to the wearer. But that swavecito is held in check by line of pink in the tsumugi cotton.

Of course, like me, it’s a little bit country what with the organic gingham check on the underside. Yep. Something to wear when you’re down on the corner, or out in the street. And the way that chevron just appeared? Running perfectly down side on the first round of testing? Magic.

This is fun, folks. What would you add to the mix?


7 thoughts on “The Fedora | The New Style and the beginnings of a soundtrack

  1. I LOVE these huge bubbles. I’ve been wanting to make some for my kidlets for ages. Meanwhile, could you have a more idyllic back yard? Gorgeous photos. And perfect portrait for a feltie.

  2. Thank you! The backyard feels at times both wonderful and completely overgrown. The kids love it, though and that’s what makes me more accepting of the dandelions and hogweed. ;-)

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