Sunshine & Giant Bubbles | My Hams & Mini Cones

We had a gorgeous sun-filled day and made giant bubbles on a whim.

So fun!

Once the brilliance hit us, both the sun and our idea, I headed to my wee crafties Pinterest board to find some giant bubble recipes. Of course, I ended up creating our own mixture combining two recipes, using both corn syrup and glycerin. Next, I put together a wand with on-hand dowels, lightweight rope and eye-hooks.

And once I figured out how to ‘seal off’ the bubbles. We were in business.

Watching this big lovely wobble across the yard? Very cool, folks. There was barely a whisper of breeze.

“I want to pop them all, Mom!”

And he did.

I was so tickled to get this snapshot. See that little bubble splash? Awesome.

Then we moved on to mini cones.

In other news, I’ve decided to have this particular snapshot of my cuties felt-i-fied by the one and only Melissa Crowe of both Little Pink House and Checkout Girl Crafts fame. Remember her? Well, she’s in the process of moving, taking a break from all that custom felting while settling in. But just you wait. I’ll be sure to share the final hoop with you.

I love these little people.

And I hope we have many more of these days together.


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