Something Old, Something New | Vintage Hankie Bunting

These hankies aren’t for tears.

Though, if you dabbed your eyes on a corner, Gram wouldn’t mind.

Tissue-thin little hankies and scarves with their delicate scalloped edges, prints and the occasional hand embroidery remind me of the romance of my Gram Maxine’s youth. That’s when casually dropping your hankie (near the right gentleman, of course) might allow the perfect chance to introduce yourself.

I suppose destiny needed a bit of a push.

These lovely photos are from a dear customer who envisioned vintage hankie bunting along the aisles at her wedding. A nostalgic touch to a day of romance and memory.

My husband and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. {Go us!} Always a lovely chance to sneak away and remember the bright spots of each year we’ve been together as husband and wife. We keep a running tally of events, remembering bits to add through our conversations. Those twelve years have flown. And when we get up to leave our table, with a sweet feeling of togetherness, it’s because we’ve reminded ourselves of all the little and big details that tie us. Do Gram Maxine and Grampy Vaughn do the same? And I’m left wondering…

Shouldn’t every committed couple have the same opportunity we did?

I’m feeling the love.

Are you?

If you’d like your own bunting please stop by the shop. And a special thank you to my customer and her generous photographer. These photographs are theirs, leave them right here.

I'm tickled to hear from you.

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