Just in: Love Rocks & Knitting Squirrels

I’ve got a crush on heart rocks.

You, too?

They always seem to find me while beachcombing our usual haunts here on the island and Stonington, too. But I don’t collect the hearts themselves, just their portraits.

They’re all different of course, that’s what keeps me on the search. Some are rough at the edge,

worn smooth sea brick,

deeply impressed in granite

or lightly pressed into sand. You’ll always find me on the lookout. You, too?

I’ve been bundling up cards with their crisp envelopes and sticker seals. Seriously, who can resist stickers? It’s futile! Find those cards here.

Do your squirrels knit?

Mine do.

Really, what else would explain these fuzzy acorns on my favorite mossy stump?

Those clever little furries. Is this my reward for filling the bird feeder with peanuts and corn kernels?

If you’d like some fuzzy acorn cards, you can find those at the shop as well.

Me? I’ll be refilling the bird feeder.


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