Hats on the brain | Spoonflower Contest & Giveaway

My corner of the internets are giving off major hat vibes, folks.

You feelin’ it, too?

Firstly, Spoonflower, is having a design contest for, get this, cut and sew hat patterns. I know. I’ve already voted. And I know you’re not supposed to tell who you’ve voted for, but I don’t mind sharing with you.

Do you see summer in those 4th of July colors by Emilou? Ayuh. Me, too.

 And the rest of the shady contest entries? Scope them out and vote here.

In other hat news, Laura at Spoonflower’s blog reviewed Hat Shop (it’s out!) and had some very sweet words for my Over the Top sunhat pattern:

“My favorite adult style–and a timely one for this warm, sunny spring–is the classic sun hat pattern created by Dory Smith Graham of WorthyGoods.  It’s big and floppy, and you can fold up the brim for brunch or put it down for a sunny gardening day when you need more shade.”

I’m glowing! Read the rest of her review and enter to win on Spoonflower’s blog.

Stash Books is hosting their own Hat Shop giveaway. Double your chances at winning and enter their contest, too!


2 thoughts on “Hats on the brain | Spoonflower Contest & Giveaway

  1. Your hat design is gorgeous, I’m not surprised it’s got such a lovely mention. I’m off round to Stash books and the Spoonflower blog to see if I can win a copy..!

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