That glow? It’s birthday week.

This was birthday week.

A week well spent.

I made this bunting in January, cutting triangles from construction paper, letters from copy paper, assembling it all with a glue stick and bakers twine. It put me in a great ‘prep for the party’ mood to celebrate each of our families later winter and early spring birthdays. It’s been up all this time, a big bright swag on our usually bare wall. But this week? This week I could hear it singing for me.

There was lots to celebrate.

A trip to Nana’s in Bryant Pond to see spring flowers (yes, pussy willows count). A quick thrift and birthday lunch visit with my all-kinds-of-awesome sister in Portland. Saturday evening celebrating equal marriage. Maine Maple Sunday in Weld at Uncle Johns sugar shack. Phew, right? And that was just the first 3 days…

Of course, I had to fit in the usual work-related stuffs but in-between I got a sweet gift from one of my best buds on the island and a present from Mom and Dad. My favorite kind, both handmade.

I’ve been heavy crushing on the chevy trend for awhile, now. I love that apron. And my Mom? She just knows. This bunting by Emma Lamb has been in my favorites just about all year. It got here in a flash from the UK, and Emma really makes a great first handmade impression, from the wrapping to the tag.

And to round out the week, an egg hunt. Spring is here, folks.

Hmm, where to put the new bunting? Out with the old, in with the new.

A year bolder.

p.s. Anyone looking for some birthday bunting?

I’d love to pass it on. Leave a comment with your email. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “That glow? It’s birthday week.

  1. Glad to be part of your birthday week. You could share the birthday bunting with Phoebe. Her birthday is the 28th of April.

  2. Well a very happy birthday to you! Love that your one year “bolder”! And I am also loving that apron. What a lovely bestie.

  3. Thank you, Christen. I really do feel one year bolder, aging is a tic in the positive column for me. And that apron? I’m pretty sure supper tastes better when I wear it.

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