Family felt portrait | Hoop magic

Aren’t we cute?

Just a little group of three. Happy to be bundled up in some of the first snow of the season.

Well, now that we are four, we must have another of these little felted portrait hoops made by my girlhood friend, Melissa Crowe of Little Pink House fame. She took this little grainy snapshot of Mr.P and I in our Little Trapper hats (Daddy was getting one for Christmas that year)

and made that cute little felted group out of it. I’m not saying she works magic, but maybe just a bit of the felted kind. Like one of your own little troupe? You are in luck. Melissa is heading out of state and having the best kind of moving sale, the handmade kind. There are 10 custom portrait hoops available, a $135 little stitched family for just $100.

Those 10 hoops just may be down to 9 by the time you read this, folks. I’m already jonesing for the next one. We really should have one of the entire bunch, shouldn’t we?

*UPDATE – as of this morning there are 7 left!

Shouldn’t you?

Find all the felty-hooped goodness you can handle at Little Pink House and for some behind the scenes, please have a visit to Melissa’s charming blog.


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