A springtime giveaway | We have a winner!

Today is a good day.

Not only is it Friday, but I get to give something away, too!

worthygoods giveaway springtime ribbons


The winner is Sarah, with the comment: “Love the pink :) Excellent site too!”

Thank you, Sarah! You, my dear, have 5 shades of shimmer dot ribbons heading your way. Please get in touch with your address and a bundle will be in the post to you in a flash.

To the rest of my lovely readers, thanks for playing! Feeling a bit sad you didn’t win? Take heart, there will be more giveaways (keep reading), perhaps contests even? They give me this lovely pay-it-forward tingle. I just can’t not.

And by the way…

I paid a visit and found that Sarah is hosting her own giveaway of a The Ropes bracelet (!) over at her blog. Be sure to check it out, drawing is on March 29th. You know I entered. ; )

Good luck to us both!


2 thoughts on “A springtime giveaway | We have a winner!

  1. No sore losers anywhere , for the ribbons can be purchased @ the Wortygoods Store
    On etsy.com!
    Just thought I’d remind everybody, or just in case someone didn’t already know ;)
    Congratulations Sarah!

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