Guess what?

Did you hear?

I’m so excited and flattered too, of course but more than a little anxious what with all the waiting. Pins and needles applies here, folks. But today I get to share some big news…

I’m going to be in a book!

Yep. Hat Shop | 25 Projects to Sew from Practical to Fascinating by Stash Books! A real book with a hard cover and pretty pictures of the things I make. And even more things that other wonderfully talented people make, too. It’s a thrill!

The best part?

Well, these lovely projects come with instructions and patterns so you can get inspired and get right to making yourself. I know I’ll be excited to dive into the bonnet project for my very own jam-baby.

So. Wanna see a little bit of what’s going to be in there?

I’ve got a few pictures I can share with you right now, but there’ll be more details (and inside scoop!) to come.

And by inside scoop, I really mean you can win yourself a copy. So. Yeah. Now would be a good time to subscribe. ; )

Stash Books’ gorgeous flickr slideshow of projects in Hat Shop is here.


10 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. WOW! Congradulations Dory!
    I’,m so Happy & excited for you!
    What an AWESOME accomplishment!
    You always cease to AMAZE me!
    You deserve so much praise for
    all you do! You are so talented!
    ALL the BEST :)
    xoxo Karen in Hawaii

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