Hugs to 2011

So soon?

A few hours before the big ball drops and I’m suddenly nostalgic for you. No, I know you haven’t left yet, but isn’t this the way it begins? Just the littlest bit of distance and the exclamation points of 2011 suddenly gain perspective. The stress and thrills of hurdles and achievements become little bright points that wink out along the way. It’s midnight on New Years after all, don’t forget to give me a kiss on your way out.

Pause-worthy moments of 2011

Jan 11 : Etsy front page treasury by

July 1 : Etsy front page treasury by

July 23 : Etsy’s front page treasury by

May 15 : Over the Top is introduced, as envisioned by Cortney of indigotwin

Oct 20 : Spring Training debuts, a fleece-lined sporty ballcap. Cozy.

Oct 21 : stitch winter 2011 magazine Shop Handmade feature of The County hat

Nov 29 : Top 20: Baby’s Holiday Gift Guide by Babble : Wascal-y Hunter’s Cap

Dec 1 : Maine Made Gifts by Emily Burnham of Bangor Daily News

12.20 worthygoods first TV feature! The 207 at 7 Maine made gift guide  by stylist Margaret Logan : Texting Mitts sold out!

12.22 on the FP – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, babe.


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